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How to find adopters when Facebook isn't working?

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We have two special doggos at the shelter who are each desperate to find their forever home. When folks visiting the shelter meet them, their first response is usually gushing praise about how well behaved, handsome, loving, funny, etc. they both are. But we are getting next to no traction/interest via Facebook posts, even boosted posts.

Roscoe has been here for going on 9 months! Loki has been here for 4 or so months.

Does anyone have any suggestions of how to get both of these guys' stories out further?

For both, the ideal home is one without other animals. For Roscoe, a guardian/BFF who has experience with large dogs is best. Both require slow, careful introductions to new people (humans, dogs, cats) and situations as they are both still dealing with the fears of their pasts (sweet sensitive souls!).

Looking forward to hearing your ideas about broadening the network!

The CARE Team


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  • August 13, 2022


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