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UPDATE June 2023

Did you see James' tired face on Instagram? Thanks for dropping by to learn more about what we are up to. It has been a crazy 6 months but soooooooo worth it (sorry James).

Our rare and amazing vet team have been spaying, neutering, microchipping, vaccinating and treating loads of cats and dogs for the last month in remote communities and at animal rescues that are busting at the seams with dogs and cats.

In the last couple of weeks we have had to pivot from our sweet 3-tonne truck setup to a slick enclosed trailer - the logging roads are too rough for the big rig! Now we have a reliable pickup truck to take the vetmobile down the soul-rattling island roads.

Do you want to help get more dogs & cats spayed and neutered? Please donate what you can and share our story far and wide. We can only help all these animals as a network of compassionate folks. And to go from helping hundreds to thousands of animals each year, we need to expand the network!

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