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Frequently Asked Animal Questions

Helpful Information?

Emergency Contacts

Dealing with an animal emergency or possible animal cruelty situation on the coast (Ahousaht, Opitsaht, Tofino, Ty-Histanis, Esowista, Ucluelet, Macoah, Hitacu)?


Check out these emergency phone numbers and then call 250 266 9663:


24 Veterinary Care (Nanaimo):

  • Central Island Veterinary Emergency Hospital, Nanaimo: 250 933 0913                      7 Days/Week, 24 hours


Veterinary Services on the Coast:

  • Tofino Veterinary Services:  250 266 5280
    Monday to Thursday, 9 am - 5 pm


Veterinary Services in Port Alberni:

  • Bute St Veterinary Clinic, Port Alberni: 250 724 2883

       Monday to Friday, 9 am - 5 pm and Saturday 10 am - 4 pm 

  • Manzini Animal Hospital, Port Alberni: 250 724 4444

       Monday to Friday, 8.30 am - 5 pm and Saturday 8.30 am - 12 pm & 1pm - 4 pm


Wildlife Situations: 

  • North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre: 250 248 8534

  • Mountainaire Avian Rescue Centre: 250 337 2021

  • Wildlife BC Conservation Service: 1 877 952 7277

  • Parks Canada 24/7 Wildlife Emergency Hotline (if within Pacific Rim Park): 1 877 852 3100

  • Wild ARC BC SPCA: 250 478 9458

  • BCSPCA Provincial Call Centre for Emergency Wildlife Help: 1 855 622 7722


Marine Wildlife Situations: 

  • BC Marine Mammal Response Network: 1 800 465 4336

  • Marine Mammal Rescue Centre: 604 258 7325

Lost Dog or Cat?

Depending on the location call local the bylaw team:

  • District of Tofino Bylaw: 250 725 3229 ext. 706

  • District of Ucluelet Bylaw: 250 726 7744 ext. 238

  • Other community or area, call CARE: 250 266 9663


(If the Tofino or Ukee Bylaw Officer is not available or off duty please also contact CARE at 250 266 9663 and we can advise.)

Facebook groups have proven successful in connecting lost or found animals with their people. Maybe take a picture and post on the local FB pages:

  • Tofino Bulletin Board, Tofino Trading Post

  • Ucluelet Community Board

What does CARE Network do?

The Coastal Animal Rescue & Education (CARE) Network is a registered non-profit, volunteer-based animal wellbeing organization that works to protect and enhance the quality of life of animals in the rural & remote communities located on the west coast of Vancouver Island, BC. We work to address animal overpopulation, help stray and abandoned animals, and assist in situations of animal illness, cruelty, and neglect.


CARE’s regional community services include:


  • 24/7 animal emergency response (including tsunami evacuation services for animals)

  • Providing access to free and affordable spay/neuter and vaccination clinics

  • Lost animal search and support service aided by a drone

  • Proactive, monthly animal wellness tracking and community relationship building

  • Public education related to animal safety, wellness, and care

  • A year-round animal food bank

  • Community animal care and control

  • Bylaw development and enforcement support


Where is CARE located?

The CARE Network is based in Tofino. However, we help animals across Clayoquot and Barkley Sounds, between Hot Springs Cove and Macoah. Our shelter is not open to the public and visits are by appointment only. 

How is CARE funded?

CARE Network is a not-for-profit organization funded by private donations and grants when possible. We are not funded by the Provincial nor Federal Government. Some communities pay fees for some of CARE's services.

What's the difference between you and the BC SPCA?

CARE Network is not affiliated with the BC SPCA. The BC SPCA is the provincial body responsible for the administration of the BC PCA Act and conducts the enforcement of animal welfare legislation in the province. The CARE Network is a separate, independent, and locally run organization that services the needs of animals in need on the west coast of Vancouver Island. 


Need to give up your dog, cat or other animal?

Please contact us to sort out logistics, signing a form, and for more information on surrendering your animal. Call 250 266 9663.

How can I financially help animals in need?

The animals rely on CARE and CARE relies on folks to donate what they can. A dollar a day goes a long way to save lives! Your financial support helps us care for hundreds of animals a year and to offer programs and services to west coast communities. You can donate here


How can I raise money for CARE?

  • Fundraise
    Throw a party, host a walk-a-thon or a bingo night. The options are endless. We are always happy to have a chat to brainstorm ideas. 

  • Collect Returnables
    If you have refundable bottles and cans, you can help local animals. Use CARE Network's code: 669663 at the Tofino and Ukee Return-It centers. Check out the self-serve unit in Tofino. Instructions on how to use it are here: 

  • Collect 'Points'
    Canadian Tire or Mark's Work Wearhouse: When paying for your purchases, you will be asked for your 'Triangle' number. If you give them our number, 250 266 9663 (WOOF), CARE will be able to use your reward bucks to help the animals!

  • In-kind
    There are always things we need at the shelter. Give us a call or check our wish list if you would like to donate items/food or other useful things.


How can I Volunteer?

There are many other ways you can help -- volunteer to assist animals, fostering, administrative support, dog walking, cat visits, helping out with special events, and humane education programs. Please visit our volunteer section for more information on the various ways you can make a difference in the lives of the animals. 


Can I foster a dog or cat?

Questions to ask yourself before beginning to foster:

  • What kind of foster animal works best with my lifestyle – Energy level? Size? High-need animals (puppies/kittens, seniors, animal with special needs)? Age?

  • Are my roommates/partners on board with me fostering an animal? What kind of help, if any, will they provide? Do my housemates or I have any allergies?

  • What will I do with my foster charge when I am away at work or overnight?

  • Does my landlord have any regulations regarding animals?

  • How does my current animal companion(s) get along with other animals?

  • What kind of financial support can I provide for my foster animal (e.g., toys, food)? What supplies do I need?

Application to become a foster home

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