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NEWS: CARE Network Launches:

Join the Network of 'CARE'ing

Please help animals on the west coast of Vancouver Island by signing up as a one-time, perhaps to help fund BC's first non-profit mobile vet clinic, or come a monthly donor. Our network of compassion needs people like you!

Every contribution helps and changes lives. CARE Network relies on private donations (we do not receive government funding to rescue or shelter animals in need) to continue to help the hundreds of animals in need on the coast every year.


Together, the network helped over 750 animals in 2020, 900+ animals in 2021, and the numbers are still being tallied for 2022.


Consider that these numbers were achieved during a pandemic that made fundraisers impossible, volunteering scary, and community visits limited.

Please also note that the post-Covid effects on CARE and organizations like ours are still happening. There are more dogs and cats needing new homes, drastically fewer foster and adoptive homes available, and many of the dogs have social challenges of one sort or another. 

For us on the west coast, the cost of living and the housing crisis continue to make hiring staff or even keeping trained volunteers difficult bordering on impossible.

Thank you!


CARE Cofounder

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