A Network of Compassion

CARE Network is a non-profit animal rescue and outreach organization on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

We primarily work with dogs, cats, and their human families but we also help any other animal in need.

Animal Care at the End of the Road...

CARE Network helped hundreds of animals in the last year across the Clayoquot and Barkley Sounds region. 2022 so far has been even busier for our volunteer-based team who will help any animal in need: dogs, cats, eagles, raccoons, pigeons...

Our animal emergency response team travel by van, boat and even plane if necessary to help animals in distress wherever they are in the region. Often our work requires hiking into remote areas and using specialized tools like a drone, netgun or improvised (DIY) gear. 

These tools help but it is most often good ol' tenacity that gets the job done. Sometimes it takes a few days using traps and some OG tactics including tippy-toeing in our socks to sneak up on injured or missing animals to help them.

There are so many ways to help animals in need: sign up to be a volunteer or maybe even a monthly donor. Foster homes for cats and dogs are always in high demand and it is such a wonderful way to help but not to commit full-time. Find all the info on the "Get Involved" or "Donate" tab at the top of the page.

Thank you so much for CAREing!

ADOPT: Rosco
Best Buddy for Life

Rosco Cute.jpg

Sweet, loving and always wanting to get it right. This is probably the best way to describe Rosco. 

Rosco is a 2.5-3-year-old male Mastiff X and weighs 90 lbs. He has been with us for almost one year now. We admit Rosco needed a lot of training when he first came to us. He did not trust humans at all. However, over the last 10 months, filled with lots of love, treats and patience, we worked with him extensively and he is a different dog through and through. Rosco meets new volunteers on a constant basis, goes out for walks with different folks all the time and the socialization walks in town are leaving us in awe.

Rosco falls in love with humans, if introduced properly, so easily now. Kisses, snuggles, head bumps and nudges are just part of his love portfolio. He loves sleeping in the same bed as his human. Yes, he slowly sneaked his way in. But guess what? He is the little spoon. However, be warned, if he drifts off into deep-sleep mode he can snore like a black bear during hibernation. 


Rosco walks on the leash like a dream. He has the cutest little hip swagger and can have a fast pace when out and about. He loves walks through the forest as much as on the beach. Sniffing is one of his favourite things to do. He is observant of wildlife but has not displayed a high prey drive. A nose-dive for little mice, however, excites him. 


Rosco's level of excitement is the part that requires attention. He gets excited about certain things - a toy, higher-pitched voices etc - and then jumps up. He can be redirected but a training protocol would need to be followed. The same goes for meeting new doggy friends. Rosco trains with Touchstone Dog Training in Tofino to meet dogs and keep his cool. The lack of socialisation in his previous life left him with a lack of confidence when meeting other dogs. That can either result in him being overly excited about meeting other dogs or in a more fear-driven response like barking or growling. Rosco made a very good friend here at the shelter who actually dealt with similar "areas of development" but this doggo was (un-)fortunately adopted. Because of excitement regulation Rosco would need his home dog- (probably also cat-) and children-free.


Overall, this snuggly and loving couch potato/adventure buddy is the most wonderful doggy companion! And he should have found a home by now. Rosco will need some further training.. but then, who doesn't? If you think you would be a great fit for him and can offer him time, all the love & patience then you are in for a friend for life. He will sit by your side through all that life throws at us sometimes. 


If you have any questions about Rosco feel free to send us a message or get right to it and fill out an adoption application:

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“Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That's the problem.”

A.A. Milne  (Winnie the Pooh)