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Did you see James' tired face on Instagram? Thanks for dropping by to learn more about what we are up to. It has been a crazy 6 months but soooooooo worth it (sorry James).

Our rare and amazing vet team have been spaying, neutering, microchipping, vaccinating and treating loads of cats and dogs for the last month in remote communities and at animal rescues that are busting at the seams with dogs and cats.

In the last couple of weeks we have had to pivot from our sweet 3-tonne truck setup to a slick enclosed trailer - the logging roads are too rough for the big rig! Now we have a reliable pickup truck to take the vetmobile down the soul-rattling island roads.

Do you want to help get more dogs & cats spayed and neutered? Please donate what you can and share our story far and wide. We can only help all these animals as a network of compassionate folks. And to go from helping hundreds to thousands of animals each year, we need to expand the network!

A Network of Compassion

CARE Network is a non-profit animal rescue and outreach organization on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

We primarily work with dogs, cats, and their human families but we also help any other animal in need.

Animal Care at the End of the Road...

And Beyond.

CARE Network helped 800+ animals in the last year across the Clayoquot and Barkley Sounds region. 2023 so far has been just as busy for our volunteer-based team who will help any animal in need: dogs, cats, eagles, raccoons, pigeons...

Our animal emergency response team travel by van, boat and even plane if necessary to help animals in distress wherever they are in the region. Often our work requires hiking into remote areas and using specialized tools like a drone, netgun or improvised (DIY) gear. 

These tools help but it is most often good ol' tenacity that gets the job done. Sometimes it takes a few days using traps and some OG tactics including tippy-toeing in our socks to sneak up on injured or missing animals to help them.

This is our eleventh year of helping animals and we are changing the game, again. We are working with some partners to start BC's first non-profit, mobile vet clinic to help address the #1 pet problem in British Columbia: inadequate access to vet care. 

Many folks have told us that it is impossible to start a vet clinic on a shoestring budget. Others are trying to make it impossible for us for other reasons. So, we are calling our project, Mission: Pawsible. 

We have a pawsome veterinary team and a pawsitive attitude so... anything is pawsible. 

Thank you so much for CAREing!

3 of the ways we are helping animals



Our rudimentary animal shelter is located on high ground at the world famous Long Beach on the west coast of Vancouver Island. With solar power, plenty of stored rainwater, and high-speed internet, we shelter animals in need even when it is raining cats and dogs. 



Our APES (Animal Paramedic Emergency Service) will help any animals in need: dogs, cats, eagles, raccoons, bunnies... For ten years we have been responding to animal emergencies and getting the sick and injured to the professional services they need.



Together with the Indigenous communities we work with, we are innovating animal care & controls at the end of the road. Up next: CARE has launched BC's first non-profit, mobile vet clinic to serve animal rescues and rural & remote communities.

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“Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That's the problem.”

A.A. Milne  (Winnie the Pooh)

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