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Roscoe ISO of Loner BFF

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Roscoe (3 yrs/neutered) is looking for his forever home but is fine with a solid foster for now. He is a fiercely loyal boy who thrives on routine, a few walks a day and cuddles.

Ideal BFF: Individual or couple, fenced yard, no other animals or children, able to provide slow introductions to new people and situations.

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1 Comment

Hi, Uncle James here, also known as CARE’s dogfather by some. I have been fostering Roscoe for some time and can’t say enough good things about him. His fav pastime? Morning cuddles and belly rubs. Second: fetching balls thrown in his pool on a hot day.

Roscoe needs a special forever home and his new person/people will be so lucky to have this loyal boy by their side. He bonds better than Gorilla Glue!

PLEASE spread Roscoe’s plea for a forever home far and wide. The situation is getting desperate. We are even offering a $500 finder’s reward if a match is made. Just tell your friend to mention you name and contact info.


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