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Help Us Thank Dr. Jane Hunt

If you had a sick, injured or old dog, cat or other animal on the west coast pre-2004, you likely know Dr. Jane Hunt and all that she did to help keep animals and our communities healthy and safe. If you would like to say 'thanks' to Jane for her community service, please consider helping a huge colony of cats that are near and dear to her heart.

With Jane's blessing, we are fundraising to spay, neuter and vaccinate a colony of over 100 cats living by the ocean in Barkley Sound.


With your support, we will be able to bring in a non-profit, mobile vet team (Mission Pawsible) for a couple of multi-day visits who will work with CARE Network's cat team to trap, spay/neuter and vaccinate all the cats and kittens before the winter weather sets in. 

On a personal note, I am so grateful to Dr. Hunt for all that she did for the Tofino and Ukee SCAT teams and for Hoek the dog many moons ago. She made herself available when we really needed her and this was back in the day when one didn't need to apply for a loan to get veterinary care for a loved one.


Lil' Tigers

Here is a photo of some of the (very) feral cats at one edge of the target colony. The degree of feralness of these cats depends on how far they live from the central feeding station. Some who live close to the food will tolerate a pat or two while scoffing their kibbles.



These kittens were found in a barn where many of the feral cats shelter during the night and when it is raining. If litters like this are not discovered, the colony's overcrowding gets even worse and so does the potential for human/wildlife conflicts.



When we do find kittens, we remove them and find them forever homes around Vancouver Island. Sadly, it is near impossible to find foster or forever homes for the semi-social and feral cats that are not found as kittens. We need to stop the littering!

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